Is a Title Franchise Right for you?

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October 21, 2015
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June 26, 2017
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Is a Title Franchise Right for you?

Running a title company may be much simpler than you think. Lincoln Franchise makes it easy. Learn what a title franchise is and how it works today in the Lincoln Franchise blog. If your goal is to own your own business, you’ve already taken a first step in the right direction!

How Franchising Works

In the simplest of terms, franchising is paying to use the well-established business, marketing, and operations strategy under a well-establish brand name. You are capitalizing on a time-tested system and name in order to accelerate and maximize your return on investment, but under the existing brand’s rules.


  • Risk Reduction: Franchises tend to become operational and profitable more quickly than other business models.
  • Institutional Knowledge: The majority of small businesses fail because of weak management. Franchises, conversely, come with institutional knowledge of a successful managerial style.
  • Brand Recognition: Customers are drawn to brands that they already know and trust.


  • Franchise Fee: The franchise fee is the initial sum of money that the franchisee pays the franchisor for the right to use the business’ name and system. It is paid at the time of the signing of the franchise agreement, which must be renewed upon expiration.
  • Franchisor Royalty Fees: Royalty fees are on-going payments usually made as a percentage of total sales.
  • Advertising Fees: Advertising fees paid by franchisees go into general account to be used for promotion of the brand.

Is a Title Franchise Right for you?

Lincoln Franchise is a division of Lincoln Abstract & Settlement Services that helps existing title providers, real estate professionals and entrepreneurs open and run their own title companies.

Your fully compliant title and closing operation will be backed by Lincoln Abstract & Settlement Services’ national relationships and resources. We’ll crunch the numbers for you with our Financial Performer Tool and give you an estimated monthly gross income figure.

To learn more about this opportunity, or to fill out your application, please visit our homepage today!



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